The Lost Map 
Who we are

Just a few words to say that we are a group of men and women linked by the wish to re-organize the material concerning the judicial troubles of the most controversial rehab centre in Italy: San Patrignano.

We are people who care deeply about the historical truth, who love freedom above all, men and women who haven’t forgotten, nor they want to.

Some of us have been locked in the establishment we talk about. Others are relatives of who has spent a few years there and went back home.

Then there are also the relatives of people who never went back home, either because killed or having committed suicide following the “re-educational treatment” administered therein.

In the last few decades many things have changed, but most of all the modality of communication. So fate made us meet again via the way of the web, and on this road, which finally allows us to share our objectives and our ideas, we intend to stay.

La Mappa Perduta (“The Lost Map”)

Translation by Giorgio Curcetti